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Once upon a time in America, far, far away, there has risen a desire for rooms full of riddles.

Once upon a time in America, far, far away, there has risen a desire for rooms full of riddles.

Escape room is a kind of entertainment that doesn’t need to be introduced to anyone. You know each other very well, even if only by sight. Now it’s your time for a small tête-à-tête. In no time, you will be all good friends. What’s it all about? It’a about taking entertainment seriously, as it was said in an ice cream’s tv commercial. You know which one!

12 Angry Men? Seven? Or maybe one for all? Catch them if you can!

12 Angry Men? Seven? Or maybe one for all? Catch them if you can!

Participants? From a couple up tp 7 people. However, the game is possible for 50 people at the same time. No matter if an escape room is your plan for alternative way of celebrating Valentine’s Day, stag night or going out with your colleagues, we are ready to do the job!

Escape Rooms Cracow – fun comes tomorrow. And never dies!

Escape Rooms Cracow – fun comes tomorrow. And never dies!

Admit it, that 250 m2 is enough space to play green. You can pick up to 8 movie scenarios, every has 60 min of exciting play. You need intelligence, skill, and ability to think under pression of time and also fair play – teamwork. Think You can do it? Sure thing! Who if not You!

There, there

But what is it about?

Locked door. And only 60 mins for escape. How? The answer is simple – solving riddles, seeking for hints, tips and of course, teamwork.

If You are not afraid of working under time pressure and move to the Cinema reality, spending time in a not particular way, then escape room  is perfect for You.

Our rooms full of riddles

Escape room Cracow. All the way!

Prices starting at 30 zł per person!

Are you looking for something personalized?

Make us the Godfather of your party!

Escape room in Cracow for the companies

A business dinner? Find an alternative. Alternative, which builds your team, creates chemistry and gives you a thrill. For years, we’ve been coworking with companies of different sizes. And we’ve got a fantastic offer for you!

Escape room for your stag night. And hen night too!

We’ve got an e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t idea for the Last Night of Freedom. And a thrilling one! Will you rescue the bride? Will you save the groom from kidnapping? We hope so!

Escape room in Cracow for birthday

A cool idea for your kid’s birthday? A different one from any other? With adventures and a snack afterwards? Check out our proposition for this special day.

Escape room in Cracow for schools

Do you want to organize an interesting activity for your classmates? Or maybe you’re organizing a trip to Cracow and you’re looking for some interesting, entertainment for the students after the sightseeing? Let them develop their creativity and logical thinking! Check out our offer!

What about a gift?

A special occasion is coming? Give the gift of an evening of unforgettable emotions. Maybe that’s just a beginning of a  great adventure?


And listen to their stories!

  • Tożsamość Bergmanna to super sprawa. Z tym pokojem czeka Was elektroniczna zabawa. W obecności sztuki i pewnego urządzenia, świat będzie pragnął od Was ocalenia. Zobaczysz rozwiązania o jakich Ci się nie śniło, w tym pokoju nie będzie się nikomu nudziło. Ja już tam byłam i powiem szczerze- Ten pokój będę wspominać najlepiej. Więc jeśli marzą Ci się przygody i misje, Bergmanna zapisz na swej escapowej liście. 🙂

    thumb Patrycja Chełminiak
  • Super zabawa i super obsługa ☺️

    thumb Paula Majewska
  • Super escape room i extra zabawa 🙂

    thumb Damian Smutek
  • Niesamowite doświadczenie, mimo że bez wskazówek dobrego duszka niewątpliwie skończylibyśmy w kotle Baby Jagi 😉 Polecamy bardzo, bardzo, bardzo !!!

    thumb Anna Mentel
  • Dobre miejsce dla początkujących i zaawansowanych łowców zagadek. Polecam 😉

    thumb Michał Gumułka

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