2 - 5/6 PEOPLE







Dracula's Castle

Do you want to face uncompromising, bathed in the blood Prince of Transylvania? Do you want to outsmart the cruel vampire, just lurking for a fresh dose of red fluid?

Star Wars

Face the dark side of the Force! Are you a fan of Star Wars? Have you always wanted to wield a lightsaber just like Jedi does?

Land of Cannibals

Experience unforgettable adventure in the land full of mysteries to solve!
You can feel like Indiana Jones’s team!

Anatomy of crime

Can you empathise with a mind of a serial killer? We have some suspects in our custody – assist us in finding who is the psychopath murdering young women.





80 zł/2 pers.

90 zł/3 pers.

120 zł/4 pers.

150 zł/5 pers.

180 zł/6 pers.

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80 zł/2 pers.

90 zł/3 pers.

100 zł/4 pers.

110 zł/5 pers.

120 zł/6 pers.

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Happy hours

Mon-Fri till 3:30 p.m.:

80 zł/2 pers.

90 zł/3 pers.

100 zł/4 pers.

125 zł/5 pers.

150 zł/6 pers.

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Min. 1 child and 1 adult:

80 zł/2 pers.

90 zł/3 pers.

100 zł/4 pers.

110 zł/5 pers.

120 zł/6 pers.

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What is escape room?

Real escape room is a room of riddles which stimulates creativity, sharpens the senses and strengthens cooperation and friendship. The aim is to escape from locked room, full of different types of puzzles. Within an hour, one can experience a real computer game or participate in an action movie, because there is a lot of fun and already more challenges to face! Escape room Kraków is excellent entertainment for anyone who likes to have a nice time off, regardless of the time of the day or time of the year. Gather your team, book the room and experience incredible emotions in Gamescape! If you have visited our room, please leave the comment on TripAdvisor or the LockMe portal.

Who is the game for?
For open-minded people who like challenges, team work and cooperation – and that means: friends, families, colleages.
How long does the game last?
The plan is that you get out of the room of riddles in 60 minutes.
What will happen if I won’t escape the room in 60 minutes?
You’ll stay there forever…just kidding. You’ll leave the room with our help.
What is that you cannot do during the game?
It is forbidden to drink alcohol, take the decorations down and to hijack any of the objects from the room. It is recommended to use your brain cells, sharpen your senses and communicate with each other.
What should I wear?
In Gamescape there will be no physical excersises, only an intelectual and motoric activity. Dress comfortably, in your own style. Just be yourself.
How can I pay?

Cash, card, bank transfer.

Can I receive the invoice/bill?
Yes, just pass us your data earlier, sending it to our email: hello@gamescape.pl After the game, the invoice/bill will be waiting for you.
How can I sign up for a game?


The easiest way to make a reservation is to do it through the website – you’ll see the available dates and then you can choose the one convenient for you. You can also call us: +48 882 420 516 or contact us via email: hello@gamescape.pl

What will happen if I come late?

Valuable minutes are flying away…We recommend to come 10-15 minutes before the game begins, in order to familiarize yourself with the place and to listen to the game moderator, who will shortly introduce the rules of the game.

Can I cancel the reservation or reschedule the game?

Yes, of course – we will appreciate if you let us know earlier that you want to make these changes. You can call us: +48 882 420 516 or email us: hello@gamescape.pl Hope to see you soon!




25/2 Dietla Street

31-070 Cracow

+48 12 333 7978

+48 882 420 516

IdeaBank: 31195000012006001792860002

14 + 6 =

escape room


On foot: 20 minutes walk from the main street Starowiślna and then turn right down the street. Dietl 25/2 or walk along Grodzka Street to Wawel Hill and from there turn left towards Kazimierz and go to the address ul. Dietl 25/2

Walk: 9 minutes walk from the ICE Convention Centre Street direction. Dietl 25/2

Tram: 12, 18, 22, 52 – stop Orzeszkowej

Tram: No. 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 18, 22, 52 – stop STRADOM

By bus: No. 184 stop STRADOM

By bike: Boulevards Vistula Wawel Hill and turn towards the Kazimierz district -Dietla 25/2. With Ruczaj follow the cycle path towards the Congress Centre ICE and there merge onto the street. Dietl. From the center the best Planty Wawel Hill and then turn left in the street. Dietl 25/2 or street. Starowiślna and at the intersection of Dietl turning right.

Gamescape ul. Dietla 25/2, Kraków

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