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Personalized invitations and certificates

Memorial photos with gadgets

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Birthday at Gamescape Kraków – because everyone deserves to have fun!

Plan fantastic birthday surprise for your child. Prepare birthday, name day, occasional party that will be remembered by birthday person and your guests.

Organizing children’s birthday is a pleasure for us!

You have 3 escape rooms to choose:

R2D2 escape room

1.Galactic birthday – expedition to the Dark Side of the Force.

Became one of the greatest Jedi knights in history. Take your team (birthday guests) to the Galaxy far away from the Earth to celebrate your special day. You will go on expedition with R2-D2, to defeat the Dark Side of the Force and escape from Darth Vader. Like Yoda would said “60 minutes for escape you will have”.
escape room2. Adventure near the Volcano – adventure with Indiana Jones

“Adventure near the Volcano” is a full of surprises expedition to the land full of mysteries and unusual adventures. Be like Indiana Jones and with your team (birthday guests) find hidden gold totem. You will have to solve all the puzzles, read coded messages and meet all the requirements which are written in the book of missed traveler. The clock is ticking … 60 … 59 … 58 … Will you take up the gauntlet? This birthday will be full of adventures!
gamescape-zamek-drakuli3. Birthday party in Dracula Castle – unforgettable party with Vampire.

Maybe you would like to organize birthday party in Dracula Castle. You have a chance to be in the castle one of the most famous vampires in history… Dracula. Over hill, over dale, over cemetery Dracula built a castle in which he lives with his beloved daughter and monstrous guests. Only people can’t go in there. One day, you and your team (birthday guests) step into that castle… Will you manage to steal the most precious Dracula’s goblet and take control over the castle? This birthday will be the most dark and thrilling!

Organization of birthday surprise in our escape rooms is:

  • great party scenario, fun for birthday person and guests
  • an occasion to creative and developing birthday fun

Plan your child’s birthday which be such unforgettable that everyone will be amazed!

We offer:

  • rent 1, 2 or 3 rooms and introduction to the game
  • animators and moderators of the game
  • necessary items (flashlights, walkie-talkies)
  • small surprise
  • memorial photos


Additional attractions:

  • party kitchen – room for sweet treat after game
  • birthday invitations (JPG)
  • certificates for birthday person and guests


Information & reservation +48 882 420 516 and hello@gamescape.pl

5 + 11 =

More information? Call 882 420 516!

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