Are you looking for a surprising way to spend a stag party or hen party? Going to a club is not enough for you? Maybe we can help you. 😉

Here you can reserve all rooms at once, so even a big group of people can come. You will have to cooperate to escape in 60 minutes from each room. On the other hand we won’t let future bride or groom to forget about this last night of freedom 😉

We can prepare additional puzzles for future bride or groom. We can lock up a gift from you in the last puzzle or prepare a special additional game during the escape which would check the newlyweds’ knowledge about their guests. Whatever you can imagine we would try to achieve – as within our power.

Or maybe you’re not yet planning this kind of party, but you’re looking for an unforgettable way for engagement? We can help you with that too. We can lock up an engagement ring in one of our puzzles and make your future bride double shocked. It will be also an additional motivation for you to solve more puzzles and escape the room even faster! What do you think about that?

Contact us for reserving date and set all details!


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