Integration going out – Cracow

Integration going out – any ideas? Cracow is a place where there is no lack of opportunities to spend valuable time after hours. If You are looking for modern entertainment, which provides You a huge dose of emotions, the opportunity to compete and the brilliantly spent time – then we are just what You were looking for. We know everything about fun!

Sentenced to fun? Sure thing!

Fun starts from 2 people. Even if Your company means you and your nephew, you can throw a party so big you can’t even imagine. Bigger? We can accommodate tens people on 250m2. This is our limit, we can’t hold no more. But you know, you can do in rounds too!

Emerge the leader, give motivation, show the company from the good side

You know by yourself how important are integration parties. Gamescape may help you find a true leader in your team – the one who will lead everyone to victory. For better sale, for a new client, for another deadline. It’s a team entertainment that does well for human relations. Meaning – team building all the way!

Comfortable payment and facture

We know, you want to put all the costs together – so you won’t have a problem with factures here. Printed or online? You choose. You can pay with cash and card, including AMEX card. If, of course, you want to! If you want to do the transfer payment, you may do it in advance one day before the party.

We speak English!

You want to have fun in international group? No problem! Our team have no problem with english language – therefore foreigners are also invited to play. You may feel like home!

We have cooperated with the best of the best!

They have sixth sense!



Are You master of four walls and no cube is scary for You? Hit the streets! City has it’s own rules. And the watch is ticking, measuring time for earth anihilation. Get-together party in Cracow? Hit the streets!

Get-together party in Cracow? We are at your disposal.

We can do a lot for you. Like for real. We can connect rooms, do a little product marking, add some company story and even beloved brand hero. Having and idea which is second to non? Contact us. The impossible is nothing for us!

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