Here you’ll find all the answers. The Universe is here and it’s waiting for you to equipped yourself with knowledge and lightsaber and after that, sit tight in your spaceship.

Can I pay by using my credit card?

Yes! You can pay with your credit card.

Can I get an invoice/recipe?

Yes, inform us at hello@gamescape.pl, and send all needed data before the game starts and after all the brain-teasing fun, your invoice will be waiting for you.

How can I make a payment?

You can use the online payment though the payment form you’ll find HERE, you can also transfer the payment on our account: IdeaBank 31 1950 0001 2006 0017 9286 0002 (as a title of the payment “Your first name, your last name”). You can also pay by cash or credit card on the spot before the game starts.

What will happen if we come after the time we have booked?

Your precious minutes will be gone forever. Our game moderator may be forced to shorten your time limit in the room (remember that other team are waiting for their great adventure as well). We highly advice to come 10-15 minutes before your game is about to start, then we can explain you all terms and regulations of the game and your game moderator will give you all information you need and tell you a backstory of your adventure with no rush.

Can I cancel or change the time of my reservation?

You can change the time or cancel a room up to 24 hours before your booked room. You can do that through phone: +48 882 420 516, +48 789 315 401, +48 12 333 79 78 or by sending us an email at: hello@gamescape.pl

How do I book a room?

The easiest way to do that is through our website- HERE you can see all free dates and rooms, and you can choose the one that suits you the most. You can book the room you like through online payment. If you have a coupon/voucher, any additional questions or you just prefer to pain in cash or card on the spot you can also book a room via telephone by calling +48 789 31 54 01 or send us an e-mail at hello@gamescape.pl

Can I bring my kids with me?

Of course! Kids always having a lot of fun while solving riddles with their parents. And you can find some cool stuff to keeps them entertained in the rooms too.

What should I wear?

There will be no physical exercises in escape room, you’ll only exercise your brain. Wear something comfortable and what you like. Just be yourself.

What will happen if I won’t leave the room in time?

You will stay there forever…we’re just messing with you :D. With our help you’ll always escape from any room.

Can I participate in the game if I don’t know Polish?

Sure! All hints hidden in the room are both in Polish and English and our game Moderators speak English. Some of them also know different languages: French, Spanish, German or Russian. ?

How long the game is?

You have 60 minutes to complete the room.

Who is this game for?

For those who likes new challenges no matter their age. For those who likes to have fun with closest friends, family and colleagues from work or soccer field. Your team can have from to 2 to 5 members or more (depends of the room).

This is my first time. Can I handle it? What should I know before I start?

Of course- many players are just beginning their story with escape rooms. You don’t need to know anything before you start the game- our game moderator will give you all the information you need before the game itself start. And if you’ll have any additional question during the game you’ll have an option to ask us anything, anytime.

What is the Escape Room?

Escape Room is a place where entertainment and logical thinking comes together. The room full of riddles that will improve creativity, observation skills, detective skills and will tighten your bonds with the group. The main objective is to escape in 60 minutes from locked room arranged in appropriate way to create a main theme of the adventure you will embark on. In those 60 minutes you’ll experience a real-life video game or take part in an action movie- many challenges and great fun is guaranteed. Escape Rooms are perfect no matter the time of the year or day. Escape Rooms will bring a ton of fun everyone who likes to spend their free time in an interesting and new way. Take your team, book the room and experience an amazing thrill with Gamescape.

What I CAN’T do during the game?

Using substances like alcohol or cigarettes is completely banned during the game. Taking off, taking with yourself or destroying any part of decoration is prohibited (players are financially responsible for any damages they inflicted while being in the room). We advise to use brain cells, sharpen your senses and communicate with the rest of the team.

Even after careful reading your questions are still left unanswered?

Wow! We really like that part of you! Send us an email, we will answer it as fast as we can!

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