If you don’t come to the Escape Room,

the Escape Room will come to you!

Sometimes, it’s too far away. Sometimes you want to experience something different. Sometimes you just want to do it your way: maybe in your company HQ with equipment connected with your business, contractor or co-workers. We can help you with providing the fun for you and your teams. That’s why we created the Mobile Escape Room.

Be part of game and go on this adventure with us.

An Escape Room…Doesn’t it have to be just a “Room” full of puzzles? No, no, no! It could be a shopping centre full of puzzles! Maybe company headquarters with many secrets? Or hotel with a murderous mystery hidden behind the curtains? Corporate picnic where magical things happen?

Scenario? Crafted with your personal needs, products or visual theme of your company in mind! Just in a way you want it! We can feel in our bones that your ideas will rock the world.

That’s what I like! But why it is so special?

Mobile Escape Rooms are perfect for those who like to be astonished, create good relations and have fun in a new and inventive way. Your company likes to multiply good vibrations? That’s awesome!

We offer an intelligent way to spend time, where the real is mixing with the virtual and a sixth sense and companions of Indiana Jones can be worth a prize! You will be playing with iPads- we try to use all the tools that XXI century gave us. Come on and hop in! Don’t make us convince you more!

I am with you! What happens next?

Now the important part will happen. You tell us about your company and your expectations, you points out the place, date, number of players, language and goals to achieve during the game.

After that we are entering the scene- with hand crafted and comprehended scenario, complete and consistent story and interesting props. You can count on us!

At the day of the event we will arrange the space and watch over the teams. Our moderators, actors and the whole Gamescape team will be there for you. And what’s next? We will celebrate! What – would you ask? Your success of course!

Take a look at the sample scenarios

Einstein AR Escape Room, a crime to a square!

It’s Monday, black Monday. By accident, you found yourselves at the crime scene. A crime that shook all the humanity. Yes, Dear ones, Albert Einstein was murdered. The whole world is looking at you when you, as outstanding criminologists, are looking for evidence and clues to identify the guilty. However, not everyone wants that the real cause of the death of the physicist to come to light. You have 15/30/60 minutes to discover the truth. Accelerated heartbeat, nervous hands, accelerated movements – hurry up, there is nothing to wait for.

It will be too late in a moment!

Magic Portal – discover the magical world

Magic Portal is just right for fans of fantasy and great entertainment for those Little and those a little bigger;). On the trail you’ll have great puzzles, riddles and adventures straight from the movies that you have to solve in order to finally reach the goal – a mysterious magic gate. Your guide and the only ally is the charming Gnome, who helps you overcome obstacles and open more than one magic box with you. But beware: there may be evil forces around every corner that will make this task difficult for you. Work as a team, and you will overcome every obstacle!

Find the antidote before it’s too late

Secret agents must save the world from oppression – such is their profession. The secret organization SpiderTech has created a virus that can control human minds and wants to take over the world. You and only You can prevent this catastrophe. You have a difficult task ahead of you – full of puzzles, ciphers, safes and tasks for perceptiveness, without which you will not complete this mission. And time is at your disadvantage!

Don’t you like running around the parks? That’s not a problem! Choose this scenario – everything happens in one room and you have to give it everything. The game lasts for 60 minutes and contains everything related to the form of competition, augmented reality (Augmented Reality) and a solid dose of logical thinking.

Crime, science fiction or fantasy?
The choice is yours!

Why is it worth to choose Mobile Escape Room?

Here are some important facts

First of all: Story
At Gamescape we always focus on adventure and we are aware that the form cannot have overgrowth over the content. Our scenarios are intelligent, fun and arouse emotions - there is no place for boredom and looking at the ceiling. This is where we begin and we stick to it. It cannot be otherwise!
Secondly: Modernity
In your hand you do not have a sword or wand, it's an obsolete thing. But there is an iPad, thanks to which you can experience this adventure in a really innovative way. Let us surprise you 🙂 Perceptiveness, the ability to combine facts, cooperation, knowledge from movies and cartoons - these qualities are also a valuable weapon in this fight, which you must use to your advantage.
Thirdly: Augmented reality
Augmented Reality is a meeting of reality and the virtual world. With our help you can neatly like roe move in three dimensions. And you don’t need any googles at all! See how it revives inanimate, explore magical creatures and discover things that are happening only on movies. And of course in our augmented reality!
Fourthly: Real actors and great props
We do not use half the means. Real actors can enter the game to turn up the action incredibly, and our props are not toys for children. Our proposal is fun only for big boys. And for girls too!
Last but not least: Great idea
Not only for teambuilding or international integration. What do you say to celebrate jubilee, new cooperation, merger of companies? Whatever is important in your company, you can celebrate your success with all employees. Let a lot happen!

We have cooperated with…

It will be as you want!

Escape Room Mobile can be offered for a dozen or several dozen people. English, German, French? Or maybe Hebrew? OK, no problem. Whatever you mean, our team can jump over needs. And that’s it!

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