You know what, we just think to ourselves that we can do even more!

Because we love Escape Rooms so much and want something new,

But still stay true to the concept of course.

We created Escape City

You only have 24 hours to save Cracow from the brink of destruction!

Are you ready for the game like none other?

No, you’re not. But you will fight nonetheless!

Something like that? Only here at Gamescape!

We are the only one who create escape city games in Cracow. Only with us you can take part in an adventure that goes beyond walls and goes to the vibrant streets of Cracow. Solve puzzles, watch the world around you change with the use of Augmented Reality technology on your iPad. Meet new allies and enemies. And, we would almost forget…have the best fun in your life!

From zero to hero? Why not!

In this game you’ll become a secret agent whose mission is to safe the city from total annihilation. You’ll be looking for hints and riddles on the streets of Cracow and thanks for GPS-geocaching you’ll never get lost even if you’re not familiar with the city! You’ll meet not only virtual helpers (thx modern technology, you’re awesome) but also real enemies and allies on your journey to save people of Cracow. This is an adventure you’ll never forget!

One for All, All for One?

Our city escape game is a great option not only for the teams of best buddies- we welcome all kids with routes crafted just for them. We also have something for all business that are looking for an amazing and intriguing teambuilding experience. Specially for you we will craft individual scenarios with your product or your work office build in the backstory of the game. We already created special games for many other companies for example for Cracow Philharmonic and hotel chains.

The clock is ticking. Your enemy is one step beyond!

What’s so great in this new game formula? First, it’s not only virtual reality experience with outdoor fun, it’s most importantly a new form of rivalry. You fight not only against opposite team (hi-score boards are updated constantly during the game, so you can see who’s the best) but with the teams from all over Cracow! That’s what we call a competition!

Don’t worry, we won’t spoil all the fun.

We got your attention?

Check out our new website:

And see for yourself a new level of escape rooms.

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