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C.H.I.M.E.R.A. Protocol - Krakow Escape Room Action Adventure - Gamescape


Inspired: Mission Impossible, Inferno (based on a novel by Dan Brown)

2 - 6 Secret Agents, even those under a pseudonym ...

Mission almost impossible, Intermediate level

The clock ticks inexorably: 60 minutes (v. 1) or 120 minutes (v. 2)

Themes: Thriller, adventure, secret agencies and many twists and turns

Fast contact:

+48 789 315 401


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January 2021
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For many years, a secret agent W.I.S.E. (World Intelligence Secret Elite), nicknamed Kameleon, infiltrated the Spider Technologies syndicate. His leader (former agent MI6) came into possession of a secret weapon: a mutated virus: “Chimera”.

The chameleon faced the “impossible” task of stealing this highly dangerous biological substance from the hands of ruthless terrorists.
Thanks to his extraordinary skills, he managed to get a virus sample. His next task was to discover the antidote.

We do not know, however, whether he managed to develop the anti-virus, because he lost contact with us and disappeared without a trace… The last time the cameras registered him when he entered the Art Gallery in Krakow at ul. Kościuszki 74. This is where you should start your search …

The lives of millions of people are now in your hands, and the only man who may know the recipe for fighting an extremely dangerous virus is missing. Find him before the ruthless mercenaries from Spider Tech set off!

New! AR Inside! NEW!

As part of solving puzzles, you’ll also come across Augmented Reality Technology. You become a secret agent, you have access to the latest technologies…

What is your experience from Gamescape?

Side effects of using the escape room:

training neurons responsible for combining facts, logical thinking and drawing conclusions

so-called Brothers in Arms syndrome: you will probably strengthen ties in the Team

you may like the profession of secret agent and the adrenaline that accompanies him

you will probably learn something more about art

they say you can have fun too

Your safety is our priority:

  • you can leave the room yourself at any time, the door is open and the room has safety buttons
  • our escape room is monitored (Big Brother is watching)
  • you have full contact with the Game Master who observes your adventure on the screen and has contact with you
  • you have only low voltage within your range
  • we also have emergency lighting and a marked escape route

Wanna more?

Amenities for you::

  • child-friendly room (yes, you can go to it with your or someone else’s * comfort (e.g. * with your nephew)
  • English (yes, even after Brexit you can play with us in English)
  • air conditioning (there is a climate to cool your red-gray cells)
  • card payment on the spot (and of course, we accept virtual money even on American Express cards)
  • coffee to the escape room? why not, in our Game Cafe you can order takeaway coffee / tea / energy drink / water (whatever your heart desires)

Please note that:

  • • this adventure is not suitable for people with claustrophobia (if you were able to see Tom Cruise in action, you know that undercovers sometimes squeeze through ventilation shafts …)


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