Inspired: A Christmas Carol

1 - 6 players online, not including the reindeer

Pleasantly advanced level

60 minutes unless you've been naughty

Themes: Christmas

Virtual Escape Room Christmas game – Save Xmas!:

New online escape room straight from the Gamescape riddle factory! In addition, it is atmospheric and warm, because your (and your Team*) mission is to save Christmas! *Yes, you can play it with up to 6 people connected remotely (each from home), see Friends / Family and go to our virtual room together!

An exciting adventure – explore and discover new rooms! Just like in stationary escape rooms, more than one space awaits you in our Christmas game online. How many? Well, we don’t want to spoil the surprise for you 😊

Engaging and various riddles – from connecting facts and objects, through perceptiveness and logic, to deciphering and breaking the codes! Something for everyone! Our Christmas escape room has all of that and even more!

Shared Experience – As Team members you can see each other’s cursors (mouse movements) and actions in real time. Thanks to this, you work together and cooperate in an virtual escape room, just like in a traditional / stationary escape room.

Solve riddles together even when you’re far away from each other – the Christmas game online integrates with the online Zoom meeting so you can see and hear each other. You can also use other messengers such as Google Meet, Messenger, or simply – your phone. Just let us know when booking whether you want to play with Zoom or not.

Do you want to play only among your roommates? No problem – there is no obligation to use Zoom in our virtual escape room. It is just a solution for inter-housing cooperation 😉

View the content of your “inventory” to see what items you have at your disposal in the virtual escape room. In a stationary escape room, things that have already been used (e.g. a key to open a padlock) are put aside. Similarly, in our Christmas online escape room, items you no longer need will simply disappear from your inventory.

Difficulty level? Festive! An online Christmas game is all about having a good time, so don’t be afraid that you won’t be able to solve something. However, we will tell you that there are a lot of riddles 😊 The game has built-in hints, and if necessary, the Game Master is on call 😊


The old Gremlin has been watching the world for years and sees that the beautiful Christmas traditions fade in the mist… People rushing around seems to busy to see the magic of Christmas… This year his anger reachs its peak! He shouted: “If they can’t keep the Christmas spirit – they’re finding out that no Christmas is coming!”. Then he kidnapped Santa Claus! And without Santa, the magic of Christmas is at stake!

To save the world from the threat of losing this unique, magical holiday, your Team must use all their powers to track Gremlin down! Now we got no clue where he’s hiding  and what he’s up to… Your mission is to solve several of his tricky riddles and convince him that Christmas traditions are still important and respected. Find him and save Christmas!

christmas game
escape room online

Moving between rooms – just like in a real escape room

View the cursors of other players on your team

You see and hear and you solve puzzles together!

Side effects of using the escape room:

you are likely to get into a Christmas mood

all members of your Team may become addicted to the time they spend together and request more online adventures

you can get the hero's syndrome – after all you will save quite a holiday!

you will probably learn more about Christmas traditions (just by the way)

they say you can have fun too

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What do I need to play the Christmas game online? A computer with access to a stable Internet. You will receive a link from us, thanks to which you will enter the virtual escape room.

In what languages ​​is the Christmas game online available? You can play our Christmas escape room online in Polish or English.

Is the Christmas game online played for time? What happens when time runs out? Yes, our virtual escape room is game time. But, if you don’t make it in time, you can get a few extra minutes from Santa Claus. Of course, if you were nice 😉 You can also organize a friendly competition – whoever saves Christmas first will get an extra gift from Santa Claus 😊 Time is counted individually for each Team. One Team can start their Christmas game online at 3:00 p.m. and the other team, e.g. at 3:02 p.m. However, both Teams will have a full 60 minutes to complete the mission in virtual escape room.

Is the Christmas escape room suitable for children? Oh yes, you can definitely take your children on a Christmas adventure!

How can I buy access to the Christmas game online? You choose the hour and book an virtual escape room. Then you make a secure online payment. You can pay with Blik, bank transfer or card.

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